Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just so you know

There are some things on my mind that I just want you to know.

Sisterlocks Tool vs. Latch Hook
I just want you to know that you should run away from anyone that does Sisterlocks with a latch hook tool. Some people say that it is easier to use and they are more comfortable using it because they have used it for other styles. It is the wrong tool. I have seen the damage that the latch hook tool does to locks not to mention that it hurts. In my opinion we should practice using the correct tool for the job. What would you do if a Dr. was going to put stitches in with yarn. If someone can use a latch hook then the Sisterlocks tool should be a no brainer.
Food for thought: You can only purchase and learn how to use the Sisterlocks tools if you have taken the class.

Me or You Consultations
In my humble opinion, consultations should be more about you and what you want to do with your hair today, tomorrow and in the future. They should be free and include the video, some test locks and answer all of your questions whether Sisterlocks is for you or not. It should have nothing to do with what pattern you are. Patterns can change based on your hair and what it is doing. Leave the decision on what pattern to do when to the consultant that is taking care of your hair. My questions for you during a consultation. What do you want to be able to do with your hair? I almost always have to give an example. Style, dye or freestyle (hang straight). How is your hair now? Is it natural? When was the last time you had a perm? What do you know about Sisterlocks?

How does asking me how long I have had my locks have to do with you and your hair? What you should know about me. I am listed on the Sisterlocks website as a certified consultant, I can provide references, pictures of my work is my website, all I do is Sisterlocks and God sent you whether you are on a journey or not.
Food for thought: Consultations are like interviews and I see no reason to pay for them.

Throw the oil out
You can't put oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil or oil by any other name in your hair without expecting the locks to slip or slide out. Moisturizers and reconstructors are as big a no no as the oil to locks that have not matured or are fully encased.

Looking over my shoulder
Sisterlocks is more than just twisting hair. You can watch me and think that you are getting the base line for your own business but you can't. When I took the class it was 3 full days. Now it is 4 days to add more practice time and business information. Just twisting hair doesn't take that long to learn. There is so much more the Sisterlocks than what you see a consultant doing during a consultation or while she is retightening someone in the salon. We learn how to fix things that happen along the way.

From 2 to 50 clients on the inside of a year....
So much has happened this past year and I have learned so much about the business and about myself. Ask me how.


brunsli said...

Good information!

Crysco said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your client pictures. Please accept my apologies in advance for the length of my comments.

I found it interesting that you feel consultations should be free. I agree although I am not a consultant or trainee. My impression from speaking with several consultants & trainee consultants is that they want to be compensated for their time, especially if the individual does not choose them for installation. So for that reason, I can understand a small nominal fee, but in my area, the "consultation fees" are about $20-$25, which is deducted from your total cost of installation. I visited a total of 4 consultants (but talked to MANY by phone) before finding the best one for me (I'm scheduled for my installation at the end of the month :). It would have been great not to have paid for the consultations, but I viewed it as making an investment in myself and a confirmation to myself that Sisterlocks are indeed what I want.

I also agree that the consultation is similar to an interview. I usually do ask if the consultant has locks and for how long. This information is useful for me in that he/she has gone through the various stages that I'm about to encounter on my journey.

On another subject, what is your opinion about the installation fees that should be charged by consultant trainees vs. certified consultants. Do you feel that trainees should charge less or equivalent to certified consultants? My experience in searching for a consultant is that some trainees charge just as much as certified consultants. I also found that many have completed more than enough installations for certification but for various reasons have not taken the necessary steps to complete the certification process.

Thanks for taking the time to view my comments and continued success in your business.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Paulette I have been reading your blog and I have found it to be so helpful. As I am to be a trainee this summer in the Detroit class, I'm so excited. I want to stop working and have my own business one day, sooon. Thanks

Bev in TX said...

I must say that your words speak volumns. I often wish that more had your attitude. I would have wished that my journey had begun with such wisdom. While I have no complaints about my consultant and while she has the gift and insite for the type of hair and person that I am. I believe you will have a great following if you maintain this beautiful thought. Thank you for sharing. May you and your business grow to your greatest desire and dream.

Bev-SL 6yrs said...

Your website is so inspiring. I am a graduate student with a love for styling natural hair and making products. I work part-time and I knwo that God has given me a talent, but I am wondering WHEN should I take the step of faith? Hubby and many others see God's hand, but I am afraid that it may be too much for me to handle.

Your post has reminded me that
1)God gives me the strength to do all things. and
2)The prayer of a righteous person availeth much.

Bless you and your business, my sister.

from Lina

Paulette said...


I love the long comments. Here is the long response.

I am also very glad to hear that you did have so many consultations and phone conversations. I think that is it so important to find the best person for you.

I think that experience can be gained by doing Sisterlocks as well as having Siserlocks. Before I decided to commit to Sisterlocks as a business, I was an excellant trainee and I charged for my time and experience. I didn't think that certification was important until I took it seriously. Now, I think that it is very important and should be the first step to a successful journey into Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks.

Paulette said...


Good luck to you on starting your own business. I am also very glad that you took the class. If there is anything that I can do to help or mentor you, please let me know. That is the one thing that I missed as I was building my business. I promised myself that if I could help someone else, I would.

Paulette said...

Brunsli, Thank You, you have such a following in the Sisterlock community.

Paulette said...

Bev, Thank you as well. I wish you continued joy with your consultant. I am so proud of my Sisterlock work. My ethics will never change.

Paulette said...

Okorolina40, Thank you. I have such respect for people that have dedicated so much of themselves to school.

In my opinion, you step out when your faith can hold you. God doesn't give us talents that we keep to ourselves. He keeps sending us back to the same thing over and over till we see what he is trying to show us. I think back to me taking the Sisterlocks training class in 2002. I didn't look at it as a business till June 2005. I didnt' see or hear what God was telling me.

Keep listening, it will come.

Locizm said...

from 2 to 50 clients in a year.... that is awesome!First off, thank you for sharing your consultant journey, which is the same as sharing a piece of yourself.

I have signed up to take the consultant training course when I go home in Jan/07. How did you get the heads required for your certification? I am on a mission to get my certification before the end of next year. I have a great local mentor and would love to have a cyber mentor as well. Thanks in advance.

On the topic of trainees. There are many trainees that are worth their weight in gold and should be paid accordingly.

Paulette said...


You are welcome.
To start, I did Sisterlocks for 3 years before looking at it as a business. I was a great trainee and did awesome work. People often look for a certified consultant first.

Go for your certification. It is a leap toward, "I am serious about Sisterlocks".

Send me your email address and we can keep in touch from a consultants point of view.

Also, Enjoy the class. I don't know if I could spend 4 days in a class while in Jamicia.

queenzgem said...

Hello, my name is Ruth Jackman-Glasgow. This website info is great. Please advise me if this business is in Montreal or LaSalle, Quebec, or in this vicinity please. I had quite a lot of hair which got damaged with perms and I have been having growing problems. I decided a couple of years ago to loc my hair, but it's been growing pains to get it done, so please help me. I live in LaSalle, Quebec, but anywhere in Montreal, etc. will be great. Thanks, I will be forever greatful. My sister told me about this today and advised me that my cousin in Toronto, Anna Knight is becoming a certified consultant. My email address is

Naturally Free said...

Just as many people are looking to read about other's journey as they become locked, I have been looking for a consultant's journey. I have found it and love your blog. I will check back often for updates!

DEA said...

Thanks for sharing this information. Your blogsite is a blessing. I would like to correspond with you.

Anonymous said...


It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!

chris said...

I have had sisterlocks for about 4 and a half years and it is difficult to find a certified locktitian where I live in Connecticut. My problem is I went to a woman a few days ago and she agreed to retighten my hair, she is not certified and I spent 8 hours sitting and when I could not longer take anymore I had her stop. She charged me for the entire time and said I could come back the next day but that she(since she does not do hair for free) would have to continue to charge me until she finishes my head which is only about 3/4 done. I have never spent that lenght of time for a retightening not to metion that amount of money so I have not gone back. Her excuse for the reason why it took her so long is that I have a lot of hair, enough for three heads she said and that because the other locktitian used a "clip tool" that is the reason why it takes her so long. She has only been trained since August of last year however my hair has never taken longer than 4-5 hours for a retightening no matter how long I've gone in between retightenings please comment on this and if you can please refer me to a certified consultant in my area, I would grately appreciate it... Chris J

chris said...

My problem is I have been sisterlocked since 2006 and recently my certified locktian stopped doing retightenings. A few days ago I agreed to go to a trainee who I found on the sisterlocks website who assured me that it would only take about 4 hours to retighten my hair which is the usual time it will take no matter how long I've gone without a retightening. Well I had to stop this woman after 8 hours of her doing my hair (she only got about 3/4 done) Needless to say I was very disappointed with the lenght of time it took her not to mention she charged me for the entire 8 hours and said since she does not do hair for free that she would have to continue to charge me until she was finished. I have never sat that long for a retightening nor have I ever paid the amount that I'd given her for a retightening. Her excuse for taking so long was that "I have alot of hair enough for three heads" is what she said and that because the other consultant used a clip tool on my hair which she said should be used to retighten your own head, that is the reason why it took so long. Again this woman is Not certified she only has been trained since August of last year and I do not think that she has many if any other clients. I feel that it is because of her lack of experience and her unprofessionism that is the reason why I ended up in the state I am in(a half finished head). I am very disappointed and would like any feed back you could give me also any information on a certified consultant in my area, I live in Connecticut. Thanks for your time. Chris

Paulette said...


I am sorry that that has happened to you. It is a story that I have heard before. At this time, I don't know of a person that I could recommend. You may think about taking the Sisterlocks retightening class and do your own hair.

Give me a call or email me your number to and we can talk. Paulette

Freemana said...

I admire your straight-forwardness and integrity about being a Sisterlocks consultant. I have had my Sisterlocks for 15 months now, and I am considering taking the 4 day training class in September in PA. I find your information to be helpful and informative. Thanks for sharing.

Freemana - NJ