Monday, March 07, 2011

Certified vs Trainee : What is a client to do?

This is my humble opinion.  As of late, the question keeps coming up about finding a certified consultant.  I have also been hearing of certified consultants not doing the best job.  What is a potential client to do?

Let me reiterate, this is my opinion which may be different from yours.

Currently, I am R-Certified through Sisterlocks® which means I can teach a person with Sisterlocks® how to re-tighten their own hair.  This is a higher level of certification which means it cost more for me to have.  This my full time business and it helps clients to be able to take care of their own hair which is traditionally how we do our hair.  Let me also say that I have no plans to discontinue my certifications.

I was a trainee from 2002 to 2006.  I quit my full time dream job to do Sisterlocks® and didn't have certification at all.  It wasn't till I got serious about doing Sisterlocks® that I even decided to think about becoming certified.  I have been the same person providing the same service before and after certification.   I thought of myself as a great trainee.  It didn't make sense to become certified when my clientele was 3 strong.   My price structure was initially based on building clientele for the my first serious year.  I charged the same prices before and after certification.   Certification didn't make me better.  It just cost me more.

When clients came to me, I was able to answer their questions, put in test locks using the Sisterlocks® tool and provide the service within a time frame that they could handle for a price that they could afford.  I always give my honest true opinion. Sometimes that opinion hurt. I still remember the first person I ever told that they had to start over if they wanted the Sisterlocks® they envisioned. More importantly, I care enough to tell you no if your hair is not ready or if I sense that you are not ready. 
  1. The person picked to do your Sisterlocks® has to be able to prove that they have taken the class from  They will have paperwork validating that they have taken the class if their name is not on Sisterlocks® website.  Currently,  your name only stays on the website as a trainee for 2 years if you don't become certified or take a refresher class.
  2. They should listen to your concerns and answer your questions.  
  3. They should only use Sisterlocks® tools on Sisterlocks®.
Don't pick a person to do your hair solely based on them being certified.  It is more to it than that. If you don't feel comfortable and you feel rushed to make a decision, that may not be the place for you. Trainees do great work to but for whatever reason they may or may not be certified.  When trainees call me they are excited to do a great job and take very good care to make sure that they are doing it right. Not to mention that there can be a price and a time commitment difference from someone certified.   


Tanyika said...

As a registered Sisterlocks Trainee, I Thank You for your comment. You hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

I want to know since your a certified consultant do you think 800.00 is too much to be paying for sisterlocks?

Paulette said...

It really depends on the length and density of the hair. It also depends on location.

If you are not comfortable, have another consultation or two or three. I have worked for more and for less. A lot goes into my price and I understand the amount of work required.

Give me a call if you have questions, 313 477-2430