Friday, February 11, 2011

How to get a Sisterlocks tool?

The answer is very simple. There are 2 ways to get the "Official Sisterlocks® tools"

First way.  You can take a Retightening Class from any authorized R-Certified Consultant.  You will get a kit that contains everything you need in order to re-tighten your own hair right down to an ink pen.  You are taught to re-tighten your own hair ONLY.  You don't learn how to start locks or fix locks and your are not eligible to take the class unless your Sisterlocks® have been installed by someone that has been TRAINED by Sisterlocks®.  This class is always the cost as described on the Sisterlocks website.  Currently, it is $250.00 and there are no exceptions. I happen to be authorized to teach this class.

The second way. You take the official Sisterlocks®  class from  This class is four days and you learn everything.  There is a schedule posted and currently the cost is $1495.00 unless they offer a stimulus class (a discount).  If you even think that you want to do Sisterlocks® take this class. No individual or school other than those represented on is authorized to teach you or sell you a tool.  So, don't waste your money on imitations.

If anyone tells you that they can teach you, trust me, they can't. Tools are not sold by consultants or trainees.  It is against the trademarked agreement for a consultant or trainee to sell tools.  I would never sell a tool outside of the Retightening Kit as an R-Certified Consultant.  If you ask, I will tell you no.



NanaSaid said...

This isn't particularly about this blog post, but your website in general. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for answering some lingering questions I've had about Sisterlocks. I've been wanting to get them, but trying to get information about them has been like trying to get into Fort Knox. I didn't understand what was the big secret. Specifically, no one I've talked to from the Certified list wanted to give me a price list so I could work the lock session into my budget. You have no idea how frustrating that is! It is the only reason I've waited a year to get my locks done. I swear to you, if you weren't so far (not really that far since I'm in Ohio, but too far to keep up regular maintenance) I'd get them done in your shop just because you were the first person to be transparant about your prices. Thanks again!!!

Paulette said...

NanaSaid, I do work for out of state clients. Normally, you would find someone in your town to do your maintenance. Depending on where you are, I do know a couple of people in Ohio.


NanaSaid said...

I'm in Columbus. I am interested in your suggestions. I know Roxanne Ray is certified in my city and I've reached out to the shop she works in but being the only place in Columbus makes them pretty high demand but they do group consultations once montly, I just haven't been able to fit their time into my schedule. I do plan to rearrange my schedule this month though so that I can attend that group consultation. Thanks for your response!