Monday, March 10, 2008

Locks4Life New Website

Hope you like the new website. This is a goal from last year. There are more changes to come.



Amba said...

Hi Paulette, it was lovely chatting with you today. I'll keep in touch and definitely put your Atlanta event on our meetup calender. Thanks and God Bless. I'm really looking forward to meeting you.

Sharon said...

I love the new look the Locks4Life website has taken!!!! I still return to your Blog to read one particular entry that really spoke to me when I first came across it over a year ago. I hope to see you in Atlanta.

3girlsmomma said...

Paulette, I 've been singin' your praises on Cass Tech's new social network site! How wonderful it was to place your NEW and IMPROVED Locks4Life website link on the CT site. It is very well done!

Big UPs to myndsSQUARE LLC web design work and Big Archie for excellent photo-taking for the gallery!!

Continue the EXCELLENCE that is Paulette Brown and Locks4Life.

NappTown said...

Paulette, I am just seeing the new site. It is awsome!! I am so privilaged to be your client. Thanks so much for your expertise and professionalism. I will definately put a link on my blog to your new website. Stay blessed. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Paulette,

Love your blog and your website. I am asking your advice because of all the consultants on the web you seem to be one of the most reputable. In your opinion, do you think it advisable to have one's hair locked by a SL trainee? I know every certified consultant starts out as a trainee, but I have concerns about mine. She seems really unsure of herself and told me she started her first client's hair from the back of her head. (Shouldn't it be the front?) I don't want to make this investment and then have to have a take-down experience. What exactly separates a certified consultant from a trainee other than three locked clients? How do I know that I won't have a bad job done by a consultant. Can you recommend anyone in the Charlotte, NC area? Thanks and God bless.

Paulette said...


To answer your questions in my humble opinion.

We all started off as trainees. I think that it is OK to work with a trainee. Most will work very hard for you because you gave them a chance. If she is willing to listen to your concerns and work with the home office or another more experienced consultant when there is a problem then I don't see anything wrong with working with a trainee. I was a trainee for 3 years before getting certified. The most important thing I can say is to talk to her. You have to listen to the inner voice that says she is "Ok" or "Keep looking".

There are many reasons that she seems unsure of herself. Talk to her. Talk to others with Sisterlocks and that are doing Sisterlocks. People that take the class have different levels of business experience and she may not be comfortable talking face to face or 1 on 1.

In my humblest opinion it is not where or how you start. It is that she/he is using the Sisterlocks tool & not a latch hook or nappy tool etc. It is that she has taken the full Sisterlocks class and this can be verified online or with the home office. We all learn differently. Some people learn hands on and some people have to read documentation. There are people that take 2-3 days to do a full Sisterlocks locking session and it doesn't matter where they started. I can do a great set of Sisterlocks in 10 hours and it doesn't matter where I started because I have done it so many times I could start anywhere. Should I drag it out to 2 days? Is it wrong? No. I built up my speed up over time. Sisterlocks is trained by video, hands on sessions and with printed material.

What sets a consultant apart from a trainee is very complicated. You should work with someone that you feel will listen to your concerns, has a work ethic that you can live with, that will be there for your re-tightening appts, and that respects your time and most importantly will look to someone with more experience when necessary.

Lastly, Thank you for loving the blog and website. Feel free to call or email me with additional questions.

248 545 6100

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulette, my name is Cynthia and I am a trainee in the Los Angeles area. Thank you so much for the response you gave in regards to choosing a trainee vs a certified consultant. I agree with everything you said. I myself have had to consult with my mentors when unsure about how to proceed with a clients locks and feel absolutely no shame about it (props to me!!). I've also taken several days to install new locks only because I feel that taking my time will result in a beautiful set of locks months later.
I have one client who has very thin hair in the crown. It took me many, many hours to do this area when I installed her locs because I didn't want to rush which could have resulted in pulling out the fragile hair that were needed to create the locs.
Every time I do her retightenings she thanks me for my patience and I thank her for hers. We have a great working relationship because we communicate well with each other.

Paulette thank you for being so special and generous with information.

DOris said...

Hi Paulette, I live in Atl. Your web sit has been the best I've researched. I'm in the process of letting my perm grow out enough to start my journey. Oh how I wish you were here. I would definitely be your customer. I read you were here recently. Is there a certified consultant you could recommend that has your spirit and love for the business?

Anonymous said...


I have just recently completed the Buffalo, NY June 9-12 Sisterlocks(TM)training.

Prior to that I was a certified Sisterlock (TM) stalker! Your website/blog was one of the sites I stalked routinely for inspiration.

Your decision to leave your corporate dream job and put your faith in God's plans for your future helped me leave my corporate "dream" job and pursue Sisterlocks (TM) as a full time opportunity.

I trained under Monica Geary. My associate trainer was Glenda Martin. Both of them are lovely ladies. I was hoping to connect with you as I feel you could be a great business mentor. (Disclaimer: I am currently pursuing an MBA on line.)

Please email me at