Friday, January 06, 2006

Hubby & Me


Maryee said...

I've seen your work with Sisterlocks along with watching your husband's growth on Brotherslocked. You're a really good consultant. I wish your well in your business. Come to the exchange.


Anonymous said...

lovely hair and hubby's too

Anonymous said...

Why are you styling in a perm? How can you give to the mother land and you are sporting the white man's perm.

Paulette said...


Young mind. In my opinion, hair is not a foundation for giving back to the the Mother land. We give back based on our actions. What we do for others. How we lift others up & not put them do. Not by what we do for ourselves. Giving back to the motherland mandates that we put positive messeges in the astomphere and to stand and be ourselves. Therefore you are entitiled to your opinion. I give back by offering the best Sisterlocks' services bar none. It is too bad that you didn't see past my hair to get to your blessing.

I didn't have a perm but a press and curl. Check out the pictures on my website, You will see that I am sporting the freshest set of Sisterlocks done by the best person for me. Not that it matters what I am doing with my hair.

FYI, People with no curl in there hair get perms. People with a lot of texture or kink get relaxers.

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