Thursday, November 16, 2006

When Sisterlocks is not Sisterlocks

On more than one occasion I have had to tell a person that they didn't have Sisterlocks. Unfortunately it was a costly lesson. I am hoping to help you avoid this pitfall. Make sure that the person that you chose to install your Sisterlocks at the very least has the Sisterlocks video, Sisterlocks products on hand and whose name is on the Sisterlocks website.

You don't have Sisterlocks if any of the following applies to you.

If you had human or synthetic hair added
If you or the consultant used a latch hook or nappy tool to install or re-tighten your hair
If your locks are the size of box braids
If your locks started off as small braids
If you can't verify that the consultant offering Sisterlocks services is on the official certified consultant or trainee list. Please, please please contact the home office if the consultant is not on either list. He or she could be a consultant that has been trained more than 2 years ago and have never become certified.

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