Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you stepped out on faith, are you still there?

I believe that once you step out on faith you can't go running back to what you used to call solid ground. If you really have stepped out on faith, you land on hallowed ground. I have been on hallowed ground so long that it is my normal.  I wish that for everyone.

So much has happened over the years looking back at my blogs, I just don't believe it.  First I can't believe how long its been since I blogged. Oh well maybe I can.  Building a business is time consuming but it has been incredibility exciting.  The business is stronger than I ever knew it could be.  I read my blogs and think WOW.  Then I go to other peoples blogs and see I am not the only one that had a blog hiatus.

Locks4Life is expanding.  We are in Atlanta, Michigan and now Arizona.  I am currently spending half of my time in Michigan and half in Arizona.  I am in Atlanta when necessary.  Call or email me for appointments and look for the new website to be up soon.  We will be taking appointments online for consultations, locking sessions, retightenings' and re-tightening classes for clients with Sisterlocks®

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Ree-C said...

Hello Paulette. It is so good to see how your business has grown. I've been to your Michigan location and several of your meetups. I'm happy to see all is well. Keep me posted when you are ready to open up Locks4Life in Dallas so I can apply:0). I relocated and am now a SL Trainee working toward certification. Great job and continue to be blessed.